BFSB has opened nominations for the 2015 Financial Services Industry Excellence Awards.

This initiative, now in its 15th year, sees awardees chosen for (1) Executive of the Year – CEO level; (2) Professional of the Year – Any level of Management or Supervision (3) Achiever of the Year – Junior and Support levels; (4) Financial Services Development and Promotion awards; and (5) Mentor of the Year. See below for the nominations guidelines and forms.

A Blue Ribbon Panel will be meeting after the nominations deadline to make its selection of the 2015 Recipients, and will keep the names secret until the FSI Excellence Awards Gala Dinner. The Awards Dinner this year will be held on November 19, at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. Please mark your calendars now!

Last year, BFSB introduced the “BFSB Appreciation Award” for support to the organisation and its development and promotional activities – historically and ongoing. This Award also will be presented at the Dinner, and the Hon. C.V. Hope Strachan, M.P., Minister of Financial Services will present a special “Minister’s Award” as an integral part of the annual initiative – “recognising excellence in all of its aspects.”

Started in 2001, this annual Awards Programme recognises and pays tribute to “People Power” – recognised as one of the most important assets of our financial services industry. Capacity building to meet the myriad challenges and opportunities that confront us today remains a key to success and, indeed, to the sustainability of our sector. The FSI Excellence Awards programme is coordinated in collaboration with the Professional Industry Association Working Group (PIAWG) as part of the Financial Centre Focus (FCF) outreach designed to profile the industry. The Coordinating Committee comprises representatives from participating Associations.

BFSB encourages member firm Human Resource Managers to undertake the coordination of nominations, in concert with CEOs and Managing Directors.

Concurrently, BFSB is going through the process now of selecting the Student of the Year from the 2015 Graduates of the College of The Bahamas. This Recipient also will be recognised at the November 20th Industry Excellence Awards Dinner. The Student of the Year Award 2015 is co-sponsored by the Association of International Banks & Trust Companies in The Bahamas (AIBT), CFAL, and Societe Generale Private Banking (Bahamas) Limited. We thank them for their ongoing support!

Click [here]( to review the recipients of the 2014 FSI Excellence Awards.