Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, M.P., provided keynote remarks at the 17th Grand Bahama Business Outlook held today in Freeport, Grand Bahama. The event was hosted by The Counsellors Limited, as part of a series of Business Outlook seminars in major islands of The Bahamas.

Speaking to the almost limitless economic development potential the island of Grand Bahamas has, he noted that this is largely because of its unique combination of infrastructure, human resources and strategic geographical proximity to the North American mainland. The Prime Minister pointed out that the development of this nation’s first National Development Plan will not be Nassau-centric, but will involve conversations with Bahamians throughout the length and breadth of The Bahamas. *“A few weeks ago conversations with Grand Bahamians began and these will continue over the next few months,”* he said.

The theme of this year’s Business Outlook, Securing The Bahamas Through Planning, Partnership and Productivity, Prime Minister Christie said, has been at the forefront of the work of his administration as it promotes *“the development of a more dynamic national economy, Bahamian entrepreneurship and ownership, domestic and foreign investment, a better quality of life for Bahamians and an environment that attracts the wealthy of the world and unprecedented numbers of tourists.”*

GBBO participants were told that the economic turnaround in Grand Bahama is real and gaining traction. The island is specifically targeted for new foreign and local investments in renewable energy, light and heavy industry, hotel, cruise and medical tourism and ancillary businesses not only to generate business growth and economic expansion for Grand Bahama’s residents, but also to increase government revenues – a strategic objective of Government especially for the more thriving economies of Bimini, Grand Bahama and Abaco in the northern Bahamas. “*My Government is unswerving in its belief that the future of Grand Bahama is bright and that its best days still lie before it, not behind it,”* maintained the Prime Minister.

President Joan Albury said that no one can doubt that 2015 is a watershed year for Grand Bahama. She promoted a greater knowledge and appreciation of the enormous economic and social potential of Grand Bahama and, indeed, The Bahamas. *“We can collaborate and contribute to realizing that potential. The first step, however, is to face the island and national challenges squarely and honestly and not allow political differences to hinder the discovery of the truth of our issues and addressing them forthrightly. This brand of collaboration and exchange is the mission of GBBO and its six sister Business Outlooks that cover the most populous islands of our glorious archipelago.”*