The latest edition of “Gateway – The Bahamas Financial Review” is [online]( The annual magazine is a key “Bahamas Advantages” brand delivery vehicle; it mirrors the objectives of the brand: (i) differentiate this jurisdiction from its regional competitors; (ii) communicate the high standard of financial services; and (iii) increase awareness of and remind our client base of the advantages and benefits of doing business and living in The Bahamas.

As per the norm, content was contributed by BFSB members and other industry experts, retaining the high standard and in-depth focus on industry issues and global perspectives, while highlighting the luxury aspects that contribute to the cosmopolitan image that BFSB wishes to portray through the “Bahamas Advantages” brand.

Articles in 5 distinct features remind clientele of what The Bahamas has to offer and position it as a high-end proposition on all levels, from the quality of its financial services through to the luxury nature of the lifestyle that can be found.

This Gateway edition also explores The Bahamas’ newest product, the Investment Condominium (“ICON”).

**About The Bahamas Advantage**

The brand positions the financial industry as “The Wealth and Asset Management Gateway to The Americas since the 1930s”. The aim is to firmly place the jurisdiction within the region and highlight strong advantages:

– Close proximity to the US
– Strategic location between North and South America
– Experience in Wealth and Asset Management
– Longevity as the oldest financial centre in the region