##Join the Millennial Revolution##

*“We are between the ages of 21 and 35. We grew up feeling truly at home in the technological age with a mastery of all media, particularly social media. We’re civic minded and philanthropic. We have high expectations of employers and of Government and we want to work for organizations that support innovation. We present both a challenge and opportunity for workplaces, at once trying to integrate and accommodate us as well as to motivate a generation with a more nuanced core philosophy. We are the untapped next-generation client for wealth management firms and private banks. We’re the next generation advisors. We’re the future of the financial services industry in The Bahamas.”*

Study after study tout the millennials as potentially the most impactful generation since the boomers, but also highlight the need for exposure, knowledge transfer and opportunity creation. Indeed, BFSB recognises that the growing demographic shift will transform the financial services industry and how we serve it. This was echoed in the theme of BFSB’s last issue of Gateway which was all about “the next generation”. In it BFSB took stock of views on the past, present and future of the industry from across generations. BFSB now has launched the Bahamas Millennials Society for young professionals and selected students. CEO Aliya Allen says, *”We see the Millennials Society as a way to engage the “future of FSI” in real and meaningful personal and professional development as well as to ensure that the next generation is ready to take on the mantle of excellence from the generations that precede us, and to handle the challenges as well.”*

##The Bahamas Millennials Society##

This is a voluntary membership-based programme coordinated by an especially-appointed steering committee and BFSB. Membership is open to millennial (born between 1979-1993) employees of BFSB member firms, and to students studying full-time or part time in a degree related to financial services, law, technology or real estate, either at the College of The Bahamas or abroad. Three key objectives underpin the BMS program – exposure, networking and mentorship.


* Free admission to millennial society presentations featuring at least 1 international speaker per quarter;

* Reduced admission to relevant BFSB organized technical / educational seminars;

* Receipt of our Millennial Newsletter featuring stories of interest with a unique millennial twist;


* Free admission to a BFSB organized end of year and mid-year cocktail reception.


BFSB will seek mentors from industry and millennials to take part in a formal mentorship program. Mentors may be from different institutions and different sub-sectors from mentees but they will be matched on the basis of the Mentee’s goals and the Mentor’s relevant experience to assist with meeting them. The Mentor Profile Application Form and Mentee Application Form will be released in the coming weeks for January 2015 matching.


**Corporate Membership** – This option is open to member firms in good standing with BFSB. A rate of $1000 per year guarantees individual membership for up to 10 individual persons.

**Individual Membership** – This option is open to employees of member firms if the firm is unable to satisfy the corporate rate: $125 per annum

**Student Membership** – This option is open to students studying full time or part time in a degree related to financial services, law, technology or real estate: $25 per annum

All membership fees collected will be used exclusively for BMS programmes and programme administration.

Contact [BFSB](http://info@bfsb-bahamas.com) for details!