Congratulations to The Central Bank of The Bahamas on the celebration of its [40th Anniversary](!

Governor Wendy Craigg points out that there are constant reminders of the important role played by central banks in pursuing policies aimed at achieving financial sector stability and supporting the overarching economic growth objective. The 40th Anniversary has presented another opportunity for the Regulator to reflect upon its rich legacy of transformation, assimilation and adaptation in the diligent execution of its mandate.

This mandate, she says, is closely intertwined with the evolution of the Bahamian economy:

*“Over these forty years, we have built confidence and credibility upon four very important pillars of responsibility. Firstly, as it relates to monetary policy, the Bank, since its inception, has sought to implement appropriate policy measures to maintain the fixed exchange rate regime and support the overall development of the Bahamian economy. Secondly, in terms of financial regulation and supervision, we continue to promote financial stability through balanced, relevant and consistent oversight of the financial sector. Thirdly, through our oversight mechanisms, we assure stable and efficient payments systems, which support confidence in financial transactions. Finally, our collection, analysis and publication of reliable monetary, financial and real sector statistics, empower the public in their decision making processes.”*

Noting that the Central Bank should be proud of its achievements, the Governor also points out that there is the road ahead and, as is often the case, the achievement of past objectives paves the way to new challenges and opportunities, which require a level of agility, flexibility and readiness if continued success is to be realised.