The Bahamas International Securities Exchange [(BISX)]( has announced two more professional investment fund additions to the roster of funds listed on the exchange: Hudson Investment and Arbitrage Fund Limited and Fitpart Diversified Strategies Professional Fund Limited. [Queluz Brazil Funds SAC Limited](, Class A, Fixed Income Fund also recently completed the process for its Mutual Fund Listing.

In March, T[he Winterbotham Trust Company Limited]( (Winterbotham) was added to the roster of eligible Sponsor Members that are qualified to introduce mutual fund listings to BISX, while [Societe Generale Private Bankin]( was added in December, 2013.

Last year, BISX identified SMART funds as a target market, noting its optimism about the future of SMART funds listings. To encourage this growth, BISX has offered unique fee proposals to encourage financial services providers to seriously consider a BISX listing when creating SMART Funds. Figures provided by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas affirm that this category of funds is one of the fastest growing, with registrations increasing by 25% last year.

BISX Chief Executive Officer Keith Davies participated in a business development trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), earlier this year, meeting with the Chief Executives of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Dubai Financial Market and Nasdaq Dubai as well as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and other high level financial institutions. At that time, he commented on the positive outlook for BISX both domestically and internationally, stating *“I think that this is an excellent way to set the tone for the year 2014, this trip has given us additional insight into where our international focus can be expanded for 2014. One of the priorities of BISX is growing our mutual fund listing facility and this remains a key focus; however this visit has reminded us of the fact that there are other markets out there where BISX and Bahamian Financial Services providers can make headway and gain traction.”*