[The International Business & Finance Summit ](http://www.ibfs-bahamas.com)(IBFS), the premier event in BFSB’s calendar each year, is scheduled for January 23-26 at Sandals Emerald Bay, Georgetown, Exuma. Under the theme “Survival of the Fittest”, IBFS will explore how The Bahamas continues to evolve as a preeminent international centre for business and finance, adapting to the ever-changing regulatory environment as necessary. It will look also at changes on the financial horizon, and showcase the best practices and strategies for success adopted by this jurisdiction.

Kelly Banks, Americas Region Technology Head at Citi Private Bank, is one of the featured speakers for the Leaping Forward – Women in the Workplace Panel. She brings 30 years of diverse leadership experience in Operations and Technology. Her responsibilities have ranged from Technology and Operations to Premises, Shared Services, Infrastructure and Information Security. She has created product and delivery capabilities in over four regions around the globe for the Private Bank and Global Trust business. The Americas Region Technology Group at Citi encompasses businesses and clients from the US, Latin America and Canada and her responsibilities include the development, deployment and production support of all CPB Applications within the Americas, as well as development of IT strategic Plans and Roadmaps aligned to Business Strategy.

Kelly is a member of Citi Women’s Leadership Council. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and also a Business Administration degree from Coe College, Iowa.

BFSB CEO & Executive Director Aliya Allen points out that a CNN News Story on Women as Saviours of the World reported that the largest growing economic force in the world isn’t the China or India — it’s women. She continues, *“Nearly 1 billion women will enter the global economy for the first time in the coming decade alone, fundamentally shifting how the world works.”* The Leaping Forward Panel that will look at Bahamian women in the global workforce and the impact they are having.