The Bahamas is featured in the latest edition of the Global Fund Media (GFM) Relocation Guide. This is the third edition of a unique online publication designed to help managers, promoters and their advisers decide where best to locate their investment funds –and themselves.

This edition draws together in one volume the key points covering the relocation of investment funds and managers in four jurisdictions: The Bahamas, BVI, Guernsey, and Malta.

Writing for The Bahamas’ feature, BFSB says:

With the globalisation of business there has been a corresponding surge in the movement of executives and their families, and in some cases businesses themselves, in relocating to new countries. In many cases the relocation has been temporary but for a growing number the move has been permanent, sometimes by design but on many occasions by choice.

Relocating one’s business, family or financial affairs takes into account a wide range of factors such as lifestyle, infrastructure, and the business and legal environment. For The Bahamas, which has a long history of attracting wealthy individuals to settle permanently there, the factors that have given rise to its popularity as a choice for relocation have its roots and advantages in the country’s sovereignty, its 80 plus years of experience in international financial services, and its longstanding recognition and growth as the region’s leading tourist destination.

The combination has created a stable political environment and a service-based economy that caters to the business and financial needs of companies, individuals and their families, and a lifestyle that seamlessly blends cosmopolitan amenities within a tropical ambience.

The financial services industry in The Bahamas is staffed and managed by a large pool of experienced professionals. With personnel committed to the local community, continuity of service, which lies at the heart of a successful professional relationship, is more predictable and secure in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas is not only home to more than 260 banks and trust companies which enjoy long standing relationships with clients from around the world. As more and more individuals opt to “follow their money” with respect to where they live and work, The Bahamas also has become the preferred choice for many who have adopted this way of life.

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