The winner of BFSB’s [2013 Essay Competition]( is Janell Watkins, a Grade 12 student at St. John’s College.

The announcement was made at a special [Presentations Ceremony]( held this morning at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.

Finalists in the Essay Competition were Kirkland McIntosh, Abaco Central High; Abigail Jones, Agape Christian School (Abaco); Angel Johnson, Central Eleuthera High; Melissa Bethel, C.R. Walker; Gabrielle Simms, Doris Johnson; Amber Sturrup, Kingsway Academy; Keldera Kelly; Old Bight High School); Juliann Grant, Queen’s College; Quinn O’Brien, St. Andrew’s School; Sanchez Rolle, St. Anne’s School; DeSeria Demeritte, SAC; Patiqua Cooper, S.C. Bootle High (Abaco); and De’Nia Butler, Temple Christian.

*Photo Caption: Essay Competition Winner. Pictured left to right are Fredricka Bowe, BFSB; Ross Smith, Deputy Director, Ministry of Education; Paula Campbell, St. John’s, Evana Dean, BBSL; Janell Watkins; Tanya Woodside, Rotary Sunrise; Shana-Raquel Edgecombe, BCCEC; and Dexter Fernander, Ministry of Finance.*