A Bahamas Team comprising representatives from the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) and the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas (ICB) has returned from Los Angeles, California after having participated in the 4-day RIMS conference.

With the theme “Give Yourself an Edge”, this year’s annual conference and exhibition of the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc. offered a variety of new additions and twists on previous conference offerings, as RIMS looked to help its members become better risk managers. The event has become renowned, too, for the widespread insurance domicile presence, complete with exhibits and special events.

BFSB and the ICB once again manned a Bahamas booth in the Exhibit Hall of RIMS, providing an ideal mechanism to meet one-on-one with RIMS visitors wanting to learn more about The Bahamas Advantage, the theme prevalent in booth design and materials. BFSB CEO Aliya Allen noted that well over 200 persons took advantage of this opportunity. She said, *“There was specific interest in The Bahamas’ risk-based regulatory approach, with booth visitors also seeking general information on corporate and other services offered in our jurisdiction.”*

This year’s conference, from April 21 to 24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, included more than 100 educational sessions spanning 11 categories and offered a variety of networking opportunities, including the hundreds of providers of risk management products and services in the conference’s exhibit hall. Session categories included claims management, employment risks, enterprise risk management, finance, industry, insurance, international, legal legislation, loss control, risk management and strategic risk management.

In opening the conference and exhibition, the RIMS leaders said risk management continues to evolve as a discipline, bringing added value to organizations and new opportunities to its practitioners. Mary Roth, RIMS Executive Director, said “As membership continues to grow globally, we are better positioned to address risks that transcend national boundaries.” More than 10,000 delegates participated in RIMS 2013.

The Bahamas delegation consisted of Aliya Allen and Janelle Sands from BFSB and Superintendent Michele Fields of the ICB, accompanied by Patrice McDonald and Kimberly Kemp-Rolle, also of the ICB.

*Photo Caption: Part of the Bahamas Delegation at the Jurisdictional Booth. Left to right: Aliya Allen (BFSB), Michele Fields (ICB), and Janelle Sands (BFSB)*