The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) celebrated the 12h anniversary of its Industry Excellence Awards programme tonight, at a Gala Banquet held at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. At this time, the Recipients for the 2012 Professional of the Year, Achiever of the Year, and Student of the Year were announced – academy award style. These were:

* Professional of the Year: **Werner H. Gruner**, Julius Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Limited
* Achiever of the Year: **Christan L. Pratt**, Credit Suisse AG Nassau Branch
* Student of the Year: **Aldeka B. King**, BBA – Accounting (COB)

Minister of Financial Services, the Hon. L. Ryan Pinder, brought remarks on behalf of the Government of The Bahamas, congratulating all of the outstanding industry practitioners singled out for recognition and also acknowledging the gifted capacity resident throughout the financial services sector.

These sentiments were echoed by BFSB Chairman Paul Winder who said, *“As always, I stand in awe of the breadth of talent within our financial services industry – so very much exemplified by all the nominees tonight. The ‘Spirit of Excellence’ is alive and well – and we do well to recognise and appreciate it!*

In addressing the nominees and recipients, BFSB CEO & Executive Director Aliya Allen also supported these remarks, commenting, *“I am amazed by the passion and vigor of all of you. I am resolute in my belief that there is no country on earth that has as much to offer as we do. Certainly, we have challenges – we have not reached the summit – but when we have faltered as a sector we have always managed to right ourselves, and when we have succeeded we have succeeded beyond the realms of possibility and that is because of the power, intellect and skill that reside in each of you.”*

Also recognised at the awards ceremony were the recipients of the 2012 Executive of the Year, Mentor of the Year and Development and Promotion Awards – all of whom had been announced previously.
These were:

* Executive of the Year: **April N. Turner**, McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes Corporate Services
* Development & Promotion Award: **Brian L.D. Jones**, Bahamas Investments and Securities Business Association/UBS (Bahamas) Limited
* Mentor of the Year: **Todd M.J. Beneby**, Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited

BFSB introduced its Industry Excellence Awards Programme in 2001, in collaboration with the FSI Professional Industry Associations to recognise excellence in performance amongst industry practitioners.

The Student of the Year award – a $5000 Investment Account – was cosponsored by Societe Generale Private Banking (Bahamas) Limited and the Association of International Banks & Trust Companies (AIBT). CFAL once again will donate management services for the investment account. The programme itself is an initiative introduced by BFSB in 2002 in collaboration with the College of The Bahamas.