##Teschandrel M. Nottage: BBA – Accounting##

Nominees are in, and finalists announced for this year’s [FSI Student of the Year](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/news.php?cmd=view&id=3137&pre=y).

Teschandrel is a 2012 graduate (with Distinction) of the Bachelor’s Degree Accounting Programme at the College of The Bahamas, with two years of auditing experience already under her belt, having worked since 2010 with Deloitte & Touche where she continues to be employed today as a Junior Auditor. Teschandrel gained work experience at RTA Consultants (Gomez & Co.) in 2009, as a Government Summer Student.

She graduated from St. Augustine’s College, attaining her High School Diploma (High Honors) in 2008.

Her community service outreaches have included the Children’s Emergency Hostel as well as the Bahamas Association of the Physically Disabled. Teschandrel also is a member of the Young Accountants Committed Hardworking Trustworthy (YACHT) Club developed by the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA).

Teschandrel considers herself a well-rounded person who is capable of excelling in any business environment. While acknowledging the efforts of both BFSB and the Government to develop the financial services within The Bahamas, she points out the importance of attracting industry practitioners with a passion for the sector and of ensuring that promotional initiatives are aligned with targeted markets. Talking to BFSB about reinvigorating the sector, she pointed to the need to sustain and strengthening the sector by maintaining a competitive edge while achieving optimal customer satisfaction.

BFSB first introduced this awards initiative back in 2001 and since that time it has been a joint venture with the College of the Bahamas, the Central Bank of the Bahamas, with a Working Group and Selection Committee comprising representatives from the BFSB-spearheaded Professional Industry Association Working Group (PIAWG) along with the COB and the CBOB. The Student of the Year award will be presented at the annual [FSI Excellence Awards Banquet ](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/news.php?cmd=view&id=3135&pre=y)on November 9, Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort