Jasmine Davis, Vice-President of Patient Finance at Doctors Hospital Health Systems (DHHS) is the new [BICA](http://www.bica.bs) President for 2012-2013. The Institute also unveiled its other new Council Members at its 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, June 27, at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel.

BICA’s Executive Members include Zelma Wilson, First Vice-President; Reece Chipman, Second Vice-President; Darnell Osborne, Secretary; Basil Ingraham, Assistant Secretary; Lisa Gibson-Woodside, Treasurer; Brent Dean, Assistant Treasurer; and Lawrence Lewis. Other Council members include Pedro Delaney, Tyrone Neely, Candice Murton, Dominic Williams, Disa Campbell, Julian Rolle and Tiffany Norris-Pilcher.

BICA was incorporated on August 6, 1971 and it serves as the self-regulatory body for the Bahamian accounting profession. A major milestone occurred in 1991 with the enactment of legislation that empowered the Institute to properly regulate and govern the public accounting industry. It is committed to protecting the public interest by developing high quality standards, promoting strong ethical values and encouraging quality practice. The Institute also is committed to assisting with the provision of training and education for persons engaging in, or intending to engage in, the accounting profession.

Currently there are more than 500 BICA members and 280 licensees.