A delegation from the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) is back home, having completed a series of meetings with private banks, independent asset managers, lawyers, accountants and family offices in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The tour of major financial centres began in Zurich, continued in Geneva and concluded in London each highlighted by a Bahamas Landfall event, BFSB’s highly successful platform for conveying “The Bahamas Advantage” for private wealth management, asset management, residency and international business.

Minister of Financial Services, The Honorable Ryan Pinder, M.P. joined the delegation at the Bahamas Landfall in London. Presenting remarks at the event, Minister Pinder said *“The financial services sector is the second biggest contributor to the gross domestic product of The Bahamas and the government offers unequivocal support to the industry.* He described Bahamas Landfall as important events to showcase what The Bahamas has to offer in terms of investment opportunities and financial services.”

While in Geneva, BFSB CEO Aliya Allen, Heather Thompson from Higgs & Johnson and Andrew Law from International Protector Group participated on a panel at the 26th annual Transcontinental Trust Conference, the oldest conference of its kind in Europe. The team spoke about the new Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE) and on recent amendments to the Trustee Act.

Click [here](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/download.php?cmd=view&id=2687&pre=y) and [here](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/download/044015300.pdf) for more details on the recent Briefing Tour and Landfall events.