Credit Suisse Private Banking has been honoured by Euromoney as provider of “Best Private Banking Services” worldwide.

Hans-Ulrich Meister, Chief Executive Officer Private Banking, Credit Suisse, said: *”I am very pleased that the market has recognized our leadership position, despite the difficult environment. This award reflects the success of our integrated business model, global footprint, and most importantly, our dedicated focus on our clients and the long-term, quality advice we provide them.”*

Euromoney is a leading publication for the global banking and capital markets communities. The rankings are based on the results of their Private Banking Survey 2012, and are derived from a qualitative and quantitative review of the best services in private banking by markets and by areas of service. The survey also includes competitors’ perceptions of the best-performing providers in defined categories.

In addition to the global award, Credit Suisse was rated Best Private Bank in the following countries and regions:

* Switzerland
* Australia
* Bahamas (The)
* Central and Eastern Europe
* Guernsey
* Italy
* Russia
* Singapore
* United Arab Emirates
* United Kingdom
* Western Europe

Credit Suisse AG, Nassau Branch was also awarded first place in the following categories:

* Best private banking services overall
* Net-worth-specific services – High Net Worth (US$ 1 million to US$ 10 million)