##Janeille R. Brathwaite, BBA – Business Management##

Janeille is one of the two finalists [announced](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/news.php?cmd=view&id=3058&pre=y) by BFSB for its 2011 Student of the Year award. She graduated from the College of The Bahamas (COB) with a BBA in Business Management. She also holds an Associate Degree in Psychology. She was on the President’s/Dean’s Lists during her entire time at COB, and also was the first President of the Golden Key International Honour Society at the College.

Janeille graduated from the St. Anne’s High School in 1998, when she received subject awards in both History and Religion, along with seven BGCSEs. During her secondary school years, Janeille was a member of the Rotaract Club of Southeast Nassau, serving as its Public Relations Officer between 2006-2007.

After obtaining her Associate Degree at the COB, Janeille embarked upon a full-time work career in the banking industry. During this time she was successful in completing the Diploma Part I and II of the Associate of the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services (ABIFS) programme at the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services. In addition to the over 10 years experience in the sector,

Janeille has a host of work experience in various other areas. She returned to the COB in 2007 to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree and, going, forward to plans to become a Certified Human Resources Manager, and to pursue her career in this field, preferably within the financial services sector.

While at the College, Janeille was also a volunteer at the Transitional Alternative Programme for Students (T.A.P.S.) a branch of the Ministry of Education – where she mentored and tutored young female students. She is an active church member of Believer’s Gospel Chapel. Hobbies include travelling and meeting people.