[Butterfield Bank (Bahamas)](http://www.bs.butterfieldgroup.com) has appointed Robert Lotmore as Chairman and Julien Martel as Managing Director, with effect from 1 June 2011.

In his new role as Chairman, Lotmore will work closely with Butterfield’s management and members of the board to oversee the ongoing development of Butterfield’s business in The Bahamas. Mr. Lotmore joined Butterfield Bank in 2003 after the bank’s acquisition of Thorand Bank & Trust and is currently acting as Managing Director. *”This is a very exciting period of transition,”* said Robert Lotmore today. *”I will now be able to comfortably manage my time by incorporating a good balance of professional and personal responsibilities. Additionally, the change will allow me more flexibility in considering business and other opportunities.”*

Mr. Martel will be responsible for the overall management of Butterfield’s Bahamas operations. He joined Butterfield in 2000 following its acquisition of ANZ Banking Group’s Guernsey operation, where he was Senior Manager, Client Relationship Management. In his past 11 years at Butterfield, Mr. Martel led the private banking team in Guernsey before relocating to The Bahamas, where he was eventually named Head of Trusts and Fiduciary Services in 2010. Mr. Lotmore commented, *“I am happy that Butterfield Bahamas will be in the good hands of Julien Martel who is a proven professional and a confident manager.”*

Butterfield provides trust, fiduciary and corporate services from its offices in Nassau. Its team of 35 professionals specialises in working on private trust companies, trusts, foundations and company structures for succession and estate planning, wealth preservation, asset protection and tax mitigation.