Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. H.A. Ingraham presented the [Mid-Year Budget Statement](!OpenDocument) today, noting the most important role it plays in strengthening accountability and transparency in the nation’s public finances.

*“Through this Statement and the accompanying Mid-Year Progress Report, I have provided a mid-course update on my Government’s ongoing careful management of public finances. That stance is solidly anchored in our fundamental fiscal anchors and is designed to return us to more prudent and sustainable levels of Government Debt over time,”* he said.

It is anticipated that the total expenditure on recurrent and capital expenditure will be contained and remain within the parameters established in the Budget for fiscal 2010/2011. The Prime Minister noted, *“As I signaled in my [address]( to the Bahamas Business Outlook Conference last month, there are clear indications that the economy has turned the corner and that, despite the risks that are present, we can look forward to better days ahead.”*