The adage *“there is a big difference between a business idea and a business opportunity”* is the basis for the “Business Insights” session at the 2011 [International Business & Finance Summit]( (IBFS). The session will provide the opportunity for participants to engage in “starting point” discussions on ideas for business segments that the industry could pursue over the next 10 years. At the same time, it will provide the forum for a distinguished panel to highlight specific cross sectoral business opportunities

BFSB CEO Wendy Warren says the case studies to be profiled show that successful business ventures are possible by adding value to existing products and services and by identifying linkages with other sectors. Panelists will include Tim Treharne of KPMG Global Infrastructure; Eleanor Phillips of the Nature Conservancy; Werner Gruner of Julius Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd.; and Ivan Hooper, of Winterbotham Trust Services. They will present on opportunities in Infrastructure Investment, Environmental Initiatives, South Africa, and Aircraft Leasing, with the audience having an opportunity to question them, and also to showcase their own business ideas.

IBFS will be held at Radisson At Our Lucaya, Freeport, Grand Bahama on January 21-23. It has attracted participation from a wide cross section of BFSB member firms, Government and Regulators, and international experts as presenters and guests.

Ms. Warren points out that BFSB firmly believes great advantages are on tap for early movers, including brand recognition that can be converted to significant and sustained market share. It is anticipated that the roundtable discussion on emerging opportunities will be of great interest and benefit as BFSB fine tunes its mid to long term programme of work.