Taxation policy has been the focal point of international debate and discussion particularly as it relates to International Financial Centres (IFCs). It will also be one of the key areas of discussion at BFSB’s [International Business & Finance Summit]( scheduled for January 21-23 in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Panelists involved in the Tax Developments session on Friday January 21 will discuss the main principles that drive the tax policy and negotiation of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) by key G20 member countries. Comparing and contrasting DTAs, they will review the benefits that are on the negotiation table for small IFCs, what this promises for the next 10 years, and what action should be taken by IFCs today.

Panelists include Messrs. Simon Beck and Brian Segal, Partners at Baker & McKenzie, along with Melinda Schmidt, Director of KPMG LLP. They will look at these issues from the perspective of Latin America, Canada, and the United States.

Wendy Warren says that having determined the “Way Forward” through its strategy development process, BFSB now is encouraging industry stakeholders to work towards creating the environment required to be a jurisdiction responsive to client and market requirements.

Ms. Warren points out that IBFS is the most important event on the BFSB calendar. *“It serves to achieve the two primary roles of BFSB: the development and the promotion of The Bahamas as a leading international centre for business and finance,”* she said.

IBFS, as did its precursor event, spurs discussion and debate about the industry with a focus on trends and the future. Armed with this knowledge, The Bahamas is better positioned to be nimble and responsive. *“With clarity of objectives, the jurisdiction has a better opportunity to succeed,”* said Ms. Warren.