The Opening Plenary Session at the annual [International Business & Finance Summit]( (IBFS) will examine how the priorities of emerging economies are aligned with the global regulatory and transparency agenda, which has been largely driven by the G20/OECD economies. It will explore how this agenda is impacting financial institutions – including profitability, risk management and plans for expansion.

Dr. Harvey Z. Chen, Chairman and CEO of First Light Academy of Finance and Management, an executive and professional education institution based in Shanghai, China, will talk about his research findings about the HNWIs in China, and their views about investing globally. He also will address (i) capital control in China, (ii) the pending internationalization of the Chinese currency and implications for offshore financial centres; and (iii) the Chinese philosophy towards IFCs.

Dr. Eduardo Gamarra, Professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations in the School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University, will address similar topics – from the Latin American perspective.

Wendy Warren, BFSB CEO, says the Opening Session for IBFS which takes place at the Radisson Our Lucaya in Freeport January 21-13, 2011 reflects the inevitable pull which the East is having on geopolitics and trade. Concurrently, she says, *“Owners of capital domiciled in The Americas are benefitting from the resource-rich economies.”*

Other panelists for the Opening Plenary will be Mr. Malcolm Couch, Income Tax Assessor in the Isle of Man who represents the IOM at OECD and EU forums and has primary responsibilities for negotiating tax co-operation agreements; and Mrs. Rowena Bethel, Legal Advisor in the Bahamas Ministry of Finance, with similar representational responsibilities for The Bahamas.

Ms. Warren said it is critical that The Bahamas review, generally, the impact of global developments on its economy, inclusive of the financial services sector. IBFS 2011 will explore what this means, and how the national policies of The Bahamas should be deployed to fully engage the owners of capital and entrepreneurs for national development.

The theme of IBFS 2011 is **“Enhancing your SCRIPT for Growth”** – in line with the Strategy being pursued by BFSB for development of the financial services sector: A Strategy for cross-sector Coordination; a proactive and pragmatic Regulatory environment; a recognition that Infrastructure is vital;; a Proactive and targeted business development strategy; and an emphasis on attracting and building a world-class Talent Pool.