Last month BFSB announced that Edmund Bain (BBA-Accounting) had been selected as the College of the Bahamas graduate who would wear the “[Student of the Year](” hat for 2010. This week, Mr. Bain visited the offices of CFAL to meet with the Investment Manager assigned to him for a full year, a component of the Investment Account award he received as one of the honours bestowed on the Recipient.

BFSB, in collaboration with the Professional Industry Associations, launched the Financial Services Student of the Year award in 2002 as part of an ongoing “Financial Centre Focus” (FCF) programme. FCF is designed to facilitate the growth and development of the financial services industry by raising the profile of key components considered essential for the continued success of The Bahamas as an international financial services centre.

This award programme recognises an outstanding graduating student from within the School of Business, College of the Bahamas, with specific focus on financial services relevant disciplines: economics, banking & finance, accountancy and law; it also extends to computer information systems, marketing, and management. In addition to the collaboration with Industry Associations, BFSB also partners with the COB and the Central Bank of the Bahamas on the annual student award programme.

Corporate sponsors of the $5000 Student award are Societe General Private Banking and CFAL, along with Colina. SG Private Banking has been a consistent Co-Sponsor of the student award since inception of the Investment Account prize in 2004, while the Colina Group of Companies also supported the award as a Co-Sponsor in 2004 and 2005 under Colina Investment Advisors. This year, Colina and CFAL collaborated to jointly sponsor half of the award.

*Photo Caption: Photo Shows COB Graduate with Student Award Sponsors at CFAL’s offices preparatory to his first meeting with his Investment Manager. (Left to Right):- Renee Barrow, HR Manager at Societe Generale Private Bank; Edmund Bain (Recipient); Pamela Musgrove, Vice President-Investments, CFAL; Sophia Thurston, Vice President-Operations & Pension Administration, CFAL.*