Recognised for *”leadership qualities, and consistent contributions made to her organisation”* is Veronica E. Moncur-Sherman. BFSB announced this year’s [FSI Excellence Awards winners](, academy-award style, last evening.

##BFSB’s Professional of the Year 2010##

Shortly after graduating from University in 1981 with a Bachelors degree in Economics, Veronica Moncur-Sherman joined the staff of what was then, Bahamas International Trust Company (now Ansbacher Bahamas Limited), one of the first established trust companies in The Bahamas, where she remained for 16 years, rising through the ranks to head up the Corporate Department with responsibility for companies, trusts and offshore banks. She was employed with the Jersey Private Bank and Trust Company as Senior Trust Officer with responsibility for the bank’s portfolio of trusts and prior to the liquidation of the bank following the crash in the Latin American Markets.

Veronica joined UBS Trustees (Bahamas) Ltd. in November 1999 where she began on the Audit Team and eventually transferred to the combined Swiss Desk as Associate Director and Team Head. Since then she has been promoted to Director and served in several roles including heading the Review Team and the Risk Management Processes and Training Team. In these positions, Veronica was responsible for identifying risk issues and providing solutions to mitigate such risks. In addition she was responsible for ensuring that regular reviews of the trust structures were performed and that the structures adhered to internal policies and procedures as well as legislation.

Presently, she is Team Head of the Asia Desk, supervising a team of 5 members responsible for administering structures for the APAC countries. She also acts as Deputy Head of Trust Administration. Since being assigned to the Asia Desk Veronica was instrumental in changing the perception of the team in the eyes of colleagues. Her style of leadership and management skills are an asset to the team and the company and colleagues in Asia have indicated on several occasions that they appreciate the service they receive from the Asia Team. Her colleagues attest that she always has been professional when dealing with people and is a very concerned and caring individual. She unofficially acts as a mentor to junior trust officers.

Veronica has spent nearly three decades in the Offshore Financial Industry and has earned a wealth of knowledge and experience. She continues to apply this knowledge not only within UBS Trustees (Bahamas) Ltd. but outside, offering up some of her time and talents lecturing at Sojourner Douglas College. Veronica enjoys working with people and is grateful for the diverse opportunities for development made available to her in the offshore industry.

She is a Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

*POTY Photo Caption: Left to Right – Deputy Prime Minister T. Brent Symonette, and Monalisa Stubbs of UBS Trustees Bahamas Ltd. accepting the award on behalf of Veronica Moncur-Sherman.*