The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) held its Annual General Meeting on September 22, at which time members elected a new Board of Directors for 2010-2012. Subsequently, at the first Board Meeting held yesterday, Officers were appointed from the current slate of Directors.

BFSB Directors 2010-2012:

* Antoine Candiotti, Crédit Agricole Suisse (Bahamas) Ltd.;
* Arthur Seligman, Lennox Paton;
* Christina Rolle, Société Générale Private Banking (Bahamas) Ltd. (Secretary);
* Curtis Merz, UBS Trustees (Bahamas) Ltd.;
* Gilbert Schur, BSI Trust Corporation (Bahamas);
* Julian Martel, Butterfield Bank (Bahamas) Ltd. (Deputy Chairman);
* Kelly Kerr, RBC Trust Company (Bahamas) Ltd.;
* Linda Beidler-D’Aguilar, Graham, Thompson & Co.;
* Paul Winder, ATC Trustees Ltd. (Chairman);
* Peter Maynard (Dr.), Peter D. Maynard & Co. (Deputy Chairman);
* Steve Mackay, EFG Bank & Trust Ltd.;
* Tiffany Norris-Pilcher, Ernst & Young (Treasurer);
* Toby Smith, Butterfield Bank (Bahamas) Ltd.; and
* Vikas Chandra, State Bank of India.

BFSB is committed to drawing on all stakeholders and gatekeepers in the development of strategies and long-term plans for the financial services industry. As such, it continues to welcome participation of the professional industry associations at Board level. During the AGM, Members also agreed for the following industry associations to nominate representatives to serve as Directors:

* Association of International Banks & Trust Companies in The Bahamas – Bruno A. Roberts;
* Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers – Kesna Pinder;
* Bahamas Association of Securities Dealers – Ivylyn Cassar, CPA TEP;
* Bahamas Bar Association – Paula A.L. Adderley;
* Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants – Pedro Delaney;
* Bahamas Insurance Association – Timothy Ingraham;
* Bahamas Real Estate Association – W. Larry Roberts;
* CFA Society of The Bahamas – Sonia Beneby; and
* Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners – Tanya Hanna.

Wendy C. Warren serves on the Board as CEO & Executive Director, as does Danya Wallace of the Office of the Attorney General, as the Bahamas Government’s representative.

New Chairman Paul Winder says, *“BFSB remains focused on the continued development of an environment that is conducive to business, and on promoting a greater awareness of The Bahamas’ strengths as an international financial centre. It is recognised that the Bahamas still is in a period of transition as the global economy and the financial services industry continue to adjust to a new environment for doing business.”*

He continues, *“Nonetheless, arising from its long-standing investment in people, policies and the environment, we are confident that The Bahamas will continue to be a leader in financial services and domiciliation/residency.”*

CEO & Executive Director Wendy Warren adds, *“This jurisdiction certainly is committed to ensuring that favourable attributes for private wealth, locating and servicing operational subsidiaries or investment arms, and making The Bahamas “home” are fully explored and understood by the owners of capital.”*

*Photo Caption: Front Row – Timothy Ingraham, Paula Adderley, Wendy Warren, Kesna Pinder, Tanya Hanna, Linda D’Aguilar, Peter Maynard, Larry Roberts. Back Row – Gilbert Schur, Toby Smith, Vikas Chandra, Arthur Seligman, Danya Wallace, Antoine Candiotti, Christina Rolle, Tiffany Norris-Pilcher, and Bruno Roberts. Not pictured are: Curtis Merz, Ivylyn Cassar, Julian Martel, Kelly Kerr, Paul Winder, Pedro Delaney, Sonia Beneby, and Steve Mackay.*