The [International Business & Finance Summit]( (“IBFS”) 2011 is the major event on next year’s calendar for the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB), as it provides an opportunity for industry stakeholders to sharpen their business development outreach and to network with 40+ external contacts actively involved with international clients. The Summit will be held at Radisson Our Lucaya, January 21-23, 2011.

In 2010, BFSB introduced a new format for the Bahamas Financial Services Retreats to narrow the focus to “requirements for success” and to incorporate the principles of the successful “Bahamas Briefings” held since 2004. During IBFS 2010, 25+ international business persons attended and networked with industry participants over 2 1/2days in The Bahamas. CEO & Executive Director Wendy Warren says, “BFSB is a firm believer that the best time and location to promote The Bahamas and the industry is in these settings.”

To involve Members directly in securing the right business contacts for the event, BFSB has introduced an IBFS Member Partners sponsorship open to those members who invite and host at least one (1) international guest considered a key business driver. Other sponsorship opportunities are available, providing for high level visibility for the brand and team members of participants.