BFSB is profiling the five (5) finalists for the [2010 FSI Student of the Year award](, which will be presented at the annual Industry Excellence Awards Ceremony on October 21.

##D’ANDRA ASHLEY JOHNSON | AA, Law & Criminal Justice##

D’Andra is a 2010 Graduate of the College of The Bahamas (COB), with an AA Degree in Law & Criminal Justice, with Distinction. She completed her junior high school education at the Nassau Christian Academy, graduating with honours, moved to Miami Carol City Senior High School in Florida, where she also was an honours student, and returned to The Bahamas to complete her high school education at the Abaco Central High School, graduating on the Principal’s List, as Valedictorian.

After High School, D’Andra worked for a year at Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited before beginning her full time College career in 2007 at the COB, studying Law and Criminal Justice, a field she describes as her lifetime passion. She was on the Dean’s List for the first 2 Semesters and on the President’s List every semester thereafter; she also obtained the Golden Key International Society Award and an invitation to join the Society (COB Chapter). While at COB, she was active in its Bahamas Law Society.

She presently is at the University of Buckingham studying for an LLB (Hons.) Law with Economics Degree.

Other finalists for the 2010 award are:

* [D’Andra Letitia Greenslade]( – BBA, Accounting
* [Edmund Terran Bain]( – BBA, Accounting
* [Kaymore D. Bethel]( – AA, Law & Criminal Justice
* [Tonia A.A. Turnquest]( – BBA, Accounting