Bahamas-based [Gadites Maritime and Navigational Institution]( (GMNI) has merged with Caribbean Maritime Institute to deliver a Master’s of Science Degree programme in Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This is a post graduate qualification which combines lectures, research, project work and assessment. Learning outcomes at this level include the enhancement of specific professional or vocational skills; this may be undertaken by direct coursework and/or research.

GMNI was established in The Bahamas in 1999 by Capt. G.K. Lightbourne, a former Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marine. Its Mission Statement: “Empowering Seafarers Through Specific Performance and Improving Quality of Life.”

The Bahamas has a rich maritime heritage, with a Bahamas Ship Registry fleet that has grown to be third in the world, with over 50 million gross tons of ships flying the Bahamas Flag in every corner of the globe. The Bahamas Maritime Authority recently launched a Yacht Registry, complementing The Bahamas’ interests in tourism, ship services and its extensive cruising waters.

The international shipping industry employs some 1.25 million seafarers, and the sector continues to present great potential for development, locally and international. The necessary training to build capacity is a key component of growing the industry.