Some 139,900 people from 160 countries enrolled for the Chartered Financial Analyst Financial Analyst™ (CFA®) exam in June 2010, an increase of 9 per cent year on year, despite the economic downturn – reflecting a strong commitment among finance professionals to high standards of competency, integrity, and professional excellence. The programme is designed to provide an understanding of investment management for those hoping to develop a career the industry. It includes a three-level exam covering topics such as ethical and professional standards, financial reporting and analysis, as well as portfolio management and wealth planning.

Christopher Dorsett, President of the CFA Society of the Bahamas, reports that more than 40 candidates sat the three different levels of the CFA exam here in Nassau. *”The CFA programme has a long and cherished history in the Bahamas, and we are proud to keep that tradition alive by raising awareness for the designation and providing resources to the local candidates,”* he said, adding, *”This is an impressive turnout, one of the largest in recent years.”*

Of all 139,900 enrolled candidates, the majority, or 40 per cent, came from the Asia Pacific region; 37 per cent from the Americas; and 23 per cent from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

A WealthBriefing article quoted the CFA Institute as having reported that around 18,000 (roughly 17%) of all June 2010 candidates who provided information about their background, work in private wealth, an area in which the Institute reportedly has invested heavily. The Institute is the global association for investment professionals, and administers the Chartered Financial Analyst and Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement curriculum and exam programmes worldwide.

*Note: CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA Institute*