A [Tax Information Exchange Agreement](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/international/035963800.pdf) between The Bahamas and the United Mexican States was signed yesterday in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Signing on behalf of The Bahamas was the Hon. T. Brent Symonette, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, while Ernesto Javier Cordero Arroyo, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, signed for the Government of the United Mexican States.

Minister Symonette pointed out that this Agreement was the third such arrangement concluded by The Bahamas with a partner Government in this hemisphere. The first was with the United States, and the second was signed with the Argentine Republic in 2009. He said, *“The Government of The Bahamas extends its gratitude to the Government of the United Mexican States and its negotiators for the cooperative and collaborative spirit in which the negotiations were conducted. We would also like to express our thanks and appreciation to the Embassy of the United Mexican States in Jamaica for its role in the process which has led us to executing this Agreement today.”*

The Bahamas Mexico Agreement is the eleventh concluded by the Government of The Bahamas which incorporates the accepted international standards in respect of transparency and effective information exchange in tax matters. It is the sixth Tax Information Exchange Agreement concluded by the Government of The Bahamas with a member of the G-20; and the seventh such arrangement entered into with an OECD member.

Minister Symonette also spoke to the important role that Mexico is playing in the area of global tax transparency through its current leadership positions as the Secretary General of the OECD and the Chairman of UN Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters. *“For the Government of The Bahamas in particular, this Agreement represents another milestone towards broadening economic cooperation between The Bahamas and the United Mexican States. The Government of The Bahamas looks forward to continuing to strengthen this hemispheric bond between our two countries, as we seek to adjust to changes in the global economic landscape.”*

See [Tax Cooperation](https://bfsb-bahamas.com/international.php) for additional details on The Bahamas’ Stance on Tax Cooperation and to review other articles and copies of agreements signed to date.