In his holiday greeting to the nation, Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham spoke to the thousands of Bahamian families that have had to face difficulties as the global economy and hence the Bahamian economy shrank. *“We continue to manage our economy prudently and sensibly so as to ensure that we are well placed to benefit from the global recovery as it occurs. We are cautiously optimistic that 2010 will be better for more people than was 2009.”*

He said that in many respects The Bahamas has been fortunate when compared to both developed and developing countries. *“We have been able to undertake a massive programme of public works providing employment for hundreds, bolstering economic activity and placing us in a better position to compete when economic recovery comes. We have also been able to bring various forms of relief to many Bahamian families including, for the first time, an unemployment benefit which is a help to many in these hard times. For that we are thankful.”*

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the Bahamian people will continue to draw on the deep reservoirs of resilience, imagination, intellect and spiritual strength that have carried the nation through many generations of good times as well as challenging times.

Likewise, in his Christmas address H.E. Arthur Hanna, Governor General of The Bahamas, said Bahamians can successfully meet the current social and economic challenges facing the country. *”My fellow Bahamians, 2009 has been a turbulent year for the Bahamas; we have had many challenges. Going into this New Year we will still have to deal with the many social economic challenges, but I have hope,”* the Governor General said, adding *”I am persuaded that Bahamians do have the will and the wherewithal to successfully meet the challenges confronting us.”*