Sen. The Hon. John K.F. Delaney, QC, today received his instruments of appointment as Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, and was sworn in during a special ceremony at Government House. Prior to the appointments, Queen’s Counsel Delaney served as Managing Partner of the law firm of Higgs & Johnson, where he specialized in commercial litigation and financial services law.

The AG’s responsibilities will include relations with the Financial Services Industry and the Bahamas Financial Services Board, as well as responsibility for the promotion and development of financial services generally.

*”It is very important that we maintain our brand and our reputation as a quality financial services centre,”* the new Attorney General said. Referencing the G20/OECD standards on transparency and information exchange, Minister Delaney said, *”I want to see that the standard is complied with in the shortest possible time.”* The government is working to meet a March 2010 deadline to have 12 TIEAS in place.

In his remarks at the swearing in ceremony, Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. H.A. Ingraham expressed pleasure in welcoming an accomplished Bahamian professional to the dual portfolio – *“one who has already demonstrated his willingness to render public service to his country and who is willing to do so at considerable sacrifice to himself and his family.”*

With regard to the announced responsibilities relating to the financial services industry, the Prime Minister said, *“Because of his considerable experience in the area of financial services, I am confident that he will assist in the ongoing development of this important industry so that it benefits our economy while adhering to evolving international standards. I believe that he will bring great creativity and insight to the promotion of this pillar of our national economy, both at home and abroad.”*

Sen. Delaney has announced that amongst his first order of business will be dealing with the criminal side of his portfolio, optimizing the management and conduct of criminal cases. In this connection, the AG’s office will seek to ensure that where there is a need to review the law that will be made a primary focus. It is essential, he said, for a country like The Bahamas to modify its laws to ensure that they remain relevant.

On this, the Prime Minister said, *“I am certain that Attorney General Delaney will lend his considerable talents and energy to my Government’s efforts to strengthen significantly the Judiciary as well as to combat crime within our Bahamas.”*

In addition to having previously served as a Senator, Mr. Delaney
has served on a number of public entities including the National Insurance Board, the Bahamas Financial Services Board, the Road Traffic Authority and the Bahamas Trade Commission where he was Co-Chair.