G-20 Leaders meeting in Pittsburgh September 24-25 have concluded their deliberations and released a [communiqué](http://www.pittsburghsummit.gov/mediacenter/129639.htm), pledging to adopt the policies needed to lay the foundation for strong, sustained and balanced growth in the 21st century. *“We recognize that we have to act forcefully to overcome the legacy of the recent, severe global economic crisis and to help people cope with the consequences of this crisis. We want growth without cycles of boom and bust and markets that foster responsibility not recklessness.”*

The leaders agreed to *“launch a framework that lays out the policies and the way we act together to generate strong, sustainable and balanced global growth”,* recognising the need for a durable recovery that creates the necessary good jobs.

The Pittsburgh Summit was the third meeting of the leaders in less than a year. The group met in November 2008 as the economic recession was worsening, then held a similar summit in London in April at a time when the global economy seemed to be crashing in the worst economic recession since the 1930s.