The 2009 [G8 Summit]( is being held July 8-10 in L’Aquila, Italy. Italy currently holds the G8 Presidency.

Already, several declarations have been issued, including:

8 July:

• G8 Leaders Declaration: Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future
• Annex: “G8 Preliminary Accountability Report”
• Political Issues
• L’Aquila Statement on Non-Proliferation
• G8 Declaration on Counter-Terrorism

9 July:

• Joint Declaration: Promoting the Global Agenda
• ANNEX 1: HDP Concluding Report
• ANNEX 2: The Agenda of Heiligendamm – L’Aquila Process (HAP)
• Declaration of the Leaders the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate

The meeting noted some signs of stabilization in member economies, but said. *“However, the economic situation remains uncertain and significant risks remain to economic and financial stability.”*

The Group of Eight (G8) economies — Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States — are meeting for annual talks on the global economy, development efforts in Africa, climate change and a host of other issues from North Korea and Iran to Middle East peace efforts, terrorism and maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia.

World leaders are expected to meet next at a September G20 summit in Pittsburgh – covering the world’s richest countries and emerging economies.