**The Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham
Prime Minister**

Prime Minister Ingraham extended Holiday Greetings to the nation today, asking that Bahamians continue the tradition at Christmas time of sharing with those in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves. *”We are particularly conscious this year that many of our citizens are being adversely impacted by the fallout from the global financial and economic crisis. Some face unemployment, others reduced work weeks, and so they must deal with reduced family income levels.”*

He pointed out that notwithstanding the nation’s challenges, it has much for which to be grateful, compared to many other countries.

*”Civil and ethnic warfare and political unrest continue to disrupt life in countries around the world. Millions of individuals on every continent have been left jobless as a consequence of the global financial and economic crisis. Indeed, much of the progress achieved internationally against poverty and disease, and in economic development is increasingly threatened by the international economic downturn.”*