Winterbotham has established **The Winterbotham Trust Company (Hong Kong) Limited**, incorporating the new operation into The Winterbotham Group of companies.

Recognising the significance of the Asia Pacific region with regards to foreign trade and investment, Winterbotham’s fully equipped administrative and accounting centre in Hong Kong will provide services to customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Initially, the operations will be headed up by Peter Trace, who lived and worked in Hong Kong for 28 years, and was formerly a director of Schroder’s, the UK investment bank. Winterbotham’s Chairman Geoffrey Hooper has spearheaded this project, and will also be focusing his time in the early stages of the development of Winterbotham’s business there.

Services in the region will include: comprehensive corporate services in respect of Hong Kong companies; consultancy with regard to trade and investment with China and other countries in the region such as Vietnam and South Korea; as well as the full range of corporate, trust and fund services that Winterbotham already provides globally.

The cash management and banking platform provided by The Winterbotham Merchant Bank in Nassau will also be available to clients in the region, and will be enhanced by the firm’s strong focus on corporate trust services, agency applications and cross border structured transactions.