**FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited** has captured the 2008 ***Bank of the Year*** Country Award in The Banker’s 9th Awards Programme.

The Banker says that despite the financial turmoil many institutions have managed creditable performances and record results, noting that the ***Bank of the Year*** Awards reflect the success and financial achievements of the top banks from countries across the globe.*”Our 160 Bracken winners, representing a record 148 countries and all the regions of the world, are the cream of the global banking community and the highest achievers in the industry.”*

In addition to the country winners, The Banker awards the Global Bank of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement in Banking, and also includes awards in emerging markets, cash management, securities services and environmental, social and governance. The criteria for the assessment of the ***Bank of the Year*** Awards for the 148 countries and the regions is built around detailed questionnaires provided by banks, and this year some 740 banks from 150 countries submitted questionnaires to The Banker’s Editorial Team. The Global Judging Team reflects not only on the latest results, growth rates and performance data over the period contained in the questionnaires but also analyses of all available material examining technology, acquisitions and key strategic developments.

The award for a single bank in each country is for the best overall performance in the previous period incorporating performance criteria, qualitative achievements and strategic initiatives.

FirstCaribbean International Bank’s operating company in Barbados also captured the prestigious 2008 Bank of the Year Award for that jurisdiction. The company says the ***Bank of the Year*** awards are the culmination of another year of solid performance by FirstCaribbean. *”The award is the third straight win for The Bahamas. The Bahamas was singled out by the Banker for its maintenance of strong and prudent balance sheet management within the current turbulent global financial context.”*