**Garnel Leo
2008 Student Award Nominee**

Garnel has been selected by a joint team of the College of the Bahamas and the Bahamas Financial Services Board as a finalist for the 2008 Student of the Year award. All five finalists will be recognised at BFSB’s **Annual FSI Excellence Awards Banquet** on October 25 – at which time the 2008 Student of the Year will be announced.

Garnel graduated from the College of the Bahamas this year, with a BBA in Computer Information Systems. He achieved the Overall School of Business Award as well as the CIS Award. While at COB, he was on the Dean’s List eight times, and a President’s List Honoree one time. He graduated with honours from C.R. Walker Sr. High School in 2004, and also is an Honours Graduate of the Bahamas Technical Cadet Corps.

He presently is employed at UBS (Bahamas) Ltd. as an Accounting and Control Systems Specialist. Previously he served as Internet Support Representative at Cable Bahamas during his last two years at the College. In 2005 while at COB, Garnel founded BahamasCollegeZone.com, a non-profit website created to facilitate inter-student textbook sales. He oversaw its growth from inception to 1,300+ members and 2,000+ books listed. The site, still functioning, also maintains a scholarship listing and student resource page. He is owner/manager of Leo Innovations, a web design, online services and graphics design company.

Garnel served as the Student Representative for the COB Taskforce on Educational Technology, and was at various times President and a Member of the COB IT Club. Ongoing community activities include weekly accounting for his Church, where he also serves as Secretary.

His employers at Cable Bahamas described him as an ambitious and hardworking young man with a passion for technology, a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards his work. In particular, they saw him as constantly displaying ingenuity, effective time management and a capacity for multi tasking.

Other nominees are: Ryan V.A. Albury – AA Law & Criminal Justice; Kershala Takida Albury – BBA Accounting; Domonique Gilbert – BBA Accounting; and Sanchina Kemp – BBA Accounting.