**Ryan V.A. Albury
2008 Student Award Nominee**

Ryan Albury is a finalist for BFSB’s 2008 Student Award, along with four students from the 2008 Graduating Class at the College of the Bahamas.

Presently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws programme at Cardiff University, Ryan obtained an AA in Law & Criminal Justice from the College of the Bahamas, attaining President’s List Honours for her last year, and the Dean’s List from 2005. Her secondary education was completed at St. John’s College, from which she graduated with distinction in 2005, being recognised as the Merit Champion as well as achieving prizes for History and French.

She was the recipient of a 2007 National Merit Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, in addition to the 2007 Archdeacon William Thompson and the Bahamas Supermarket Foundation scholarships.

While at COB, Ryan was Deputy Chancellor for Social Affairs, Law Society and an Actress with the Track Road Theatre. Her community and other involvements have included the GeneratioNext Youth Ministries (Secretary); the Heart Ball (Volunteer); the Bahamas National Youth Council’s Interim Committee (Member); the Bahamas National Children’s Choir (Member); the Anglican Youth Ensemble (Member); and Ringplay Productions (Actress).

Ryan was a participant in the Ministry of Tourism’s Foreign Language Cadet Programme in 2004, and in 2005-2006 served as Junior Minister of Tourism.

While completing her studies in The Bahamas, Ryan served as a law clerk with Minnis & Company. Her employers there describe her as exceptional, with outstanding communication skills, positive attitudes and a high degree of initiative; and firm commitment to the organisation.

She plans to pursue a Master’s Degree after completing her studies at Cardiff University, and also to complete the Bar of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Other nominees are: Kershala Takida Albury – BBA Accounting; Domonique Gilbert – BBA Accounting; Sanchina Kemp – BBA Accounting; and Garnel Leo – BBA Computer Information Systems.