The Bahamas Financial Services Board has launched the process to recognise an outstanding 2008 Graduate from within the School of Business, College of the Bahamas. The criterion for initial selection was based on academic performance as demonstrated by GPA. Additional criteria include COB and community involvement, special interests, further education, and work/other experience.

This initiative has been a joint venture of BFSB, the College of the Bahamas, and the Central Bank of the Bahamas since 2002, with the Co-ordinating and Selection Committees comprising representatives from the three sponsoring agencies plus the Professional Industry Association Working Group (PIAWG) – a representative body for the various FSI associations here in The Bahamas.

The **FSI Student Award** is an integral component of BFSB’s ongoing **Financial Centre Focus (FCF)** programme that addresses issues such as (a) challenges impacting the sustained growth and development of the industry; (b) improvements to the level of service; and (c) attracting and maintaining qualified professionals.

The Selection Committee has just completed its final interview with the students, with five finalists to be announced shortly. The “Student of the Year” will be recognised at BFSB’s **Annual FSI Excellence Awards Banquet** on October 25th.

Members of the 2008 FSI Student Award Selection Committee are Anastacia Johnson, Association of International Banks & Trust Companies in The Bahamas; Cyprianna Bethel, Central Bank of the Bahamas; Jasmin Strachan, Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers; Joan Pinder, former Chair-School of Business, College of the Bahamas; Karen Lockhart, College of the Bahamas; Marcia Seymour-Miles, College of the Bahamas; Nadine Frazier, Insurance Institute of the Bahamas; Peggy Knowles, Bahamas Institute of Financial Services; Tanya Hanna, Society of Estate & Trust Practitioners; and Warren Pustam, CFA Society of the Bahamas.