Keith Davies, CEO of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX), has announced that **Phoenix Four Inc.** has completed the BISX Mutual Fund Listing process and is listed now on the exchange’s roster of funds. Phoenix (PFI), a closed-end fund, becomes the twenty-third mutual fund listed on the exchange.

Mr. Davies maintains that the listing facility for international funds has evolved into an important value added for financial services provided in this jurisdiction. *”We are satisfied that issuers will seek a listing on our Exchange in order to send a clear signal to their investors that they are well regulated and are receiving a high level of service,”* he says.

**CFAL Securities Limited** served as the BISX Sponsor Member that brought Phoenix Four to the Exchange. **Genesis Fund Services Ltd.** serves as the fund’s administrator.

Percy Pyne, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Four Inc. says *”We are thrilled to be listed on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange. The high level of professionalism and quality service demonstrated by the Exchange makes BISX a first rate exchange.”* Reportedly, the fund’s objectives are capital preservation and appreciation for its investments which are concentrated in U.S. real estate.