**Janyne M. Hodder
COB President**

In a recent interview with The Nassau Guardian, the President of the College of the Bahamas (COB) noted that the institution is more than ready to attain “university status”.

COB President Janyne Hodder maintains that college officials have done all they can to facilitate the move, and now await draft legislation to finalize the transition. *”We’ve been graduating more students with university degrees than with associate degrees so we think we’ve got pretty much everything in place.”* She explains that the COB has undergone rigorous internal and external transformations which have helped to charter its course to university standing.

Since 2006, numerous studies and reports were compiled by veterans in the field to provide a framework for the college. It is anticipated that the “University of The Bahamas” will offer bachelor degrees in 59 majors, three associate degrees and several graduate degrees in collaboration with other universities. The COB has linked up with various high ranking schools and businesses around the region to help better position its students and graduates to further their education.

Addressing a Zonta Club 25th Anniversary luncheon recently, President Hodder said a national university must support and drive national development through education, research and innovation. As such, the vision for the “University of the Bahamas” is: *A Bahamian national university which is respected locally, regionally and internationally for its excellence in teaching, research and service and for its ability to support sustainable development and prosperity.”*