**The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX)** is launching an innovative initiative with a targeted consortium of global financial services companies to create a new platform focused on unique opportunities in the international capital markets. This joint venture, named **BISX Global**, marries product development teams and investment product specialists from around the globe with one of the world’s leading financial jurisdictions.

BISX Global will capitalize on the increased benefits of independently priced and listed products in an environment that delivers significant tax and regulatory advantages. BISX Global will provide the right expertise and support to transform the Bahamas International Securities Exchange from a primarily domestically focused exchange into a premier meeting place for global products and international capital.

Keith Davies, BISX CEO, says this initiative will be a collaborative effort between BISX and several international investment banks. The names of the consortium members will be released within the next three months, when all arrangements are finalised.

The key international entities who will own the Bahamian entity known as BISX Global see this as an opportunity to create a unique platform for the delivery of a variety of new and different products and services that leverage the international advantages of The Bahamas. The consortium ownership approach was selected as the best structure to address the level of interest and the different skill sets of all involved.

Mr. Davies further reports that BISX Global will be a company incorporated under the laws of, and operating in, The Bahamas but will leverage the international locations of its consortium members. In fact, over time, it is expected that there will be product development teams in several major financial centers around the world.

BISX Global will operate as a specialized member of BISX and as such will be subject to BISX’s regulation.