Choice of offshore domicile is the first, and for some, the most important question.

The Bahamas, an established, progressive and welcoming insurance jurisdiction offers a number of compelling competitive advantages.
Most importantly, institutions will find a warm welcome when they come to The Bahamas as the jurisdiction continues to take steps to ensure it is responsive to the evolving needs of the industry.


The Bahamas possesses good insurance legislation with an even more positive developments in the offing as a new Insurance Act is finalised and further strengthens the jurisdiction’s position.

**Tax Neutral for Bahamians and Non-Bahamians**

The country remains committed to a tax neutral platform in which there are no income, capital gains and inheritance taxes. There is also no stamp duty on security transactions. As well there is no distinction between Bahamians and non-Bahamians which means that if you choose to do business or to live in The Bahamas you receive the same benefits that Bahamians do. In fact, the stamp duty is capped thereby attracting the wealthy to live and work in The Bahamas