**The Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers (BACO)** once again will host the **Caribbean Regional Compliance Association (CRCA)** conference.

In the words of a former BACO President – *” we are very pleased to assume the role of CRCA Conference Host again as, in regard to the relationship of BACO to the CRCA, we view this year’s CRCA conference in Nassau as its “Return to its Roots,”*.

BACO says it is honoured to be the compliance association in the region which brought to fruition the longstanding dream of an umbrella regional compliance association working together in the spirit of advancing common interests.

Set to run from November 19-21 at the British Colonial Hilton, the CRCA conference will focus on the macro issues facing compliance professionals globally, as well as the national and regional issues facing the industry on a daily basis. A series of guest speakers, workshops and panel discussions will cover a diverse range of topics delivered by leading-edge international and Bahamian presenters.

BACO is working towards exceeding the success of the inaugural 2003 conference which was held under the auspices of the CFATF Chair, Alfred Sears, then Attorney General of The Bahamas.

For more information on the conference and sponsorship opportunities contact BACO Secretary Jasmin Strachan. *(see below)*

**The Rationale for a Regional Compliance Association**

As a united group BACO feels it is necessary to reflect, and perhaps even broadcast, the region’s commitment to good compliance practice, especially in light of the current challenges. It remains BACO’s view that a centralized regional body, comprised of national associations, best accomplishes this.

Although in its formative years, CRCA provides a consolidated representative body for regional statements as an additional voice in debates and as an informed interface with key organizations such as CFATF. CRCA also provides its respective memberships with important regional-wide networking opportunities as well as a forum for regional training.