**First Response**, an innovative, new program that provides on-location assistance and support from the moment of a motor vehicle accident through the claim and repair process, has been introduced by **Bahamas First General Insurance (BFG)**.

First Response is an exclusive accident assistance service offered at no cost to drivers whose vehicles are insured through authorized agents of BFG. Bold and distinctive First Response vans will soon be as common a sight at accident locations as police vehicles, ambulances and wrecker trucks, says BFG President Patrick Ward.

*“As the leading general insurance company in The Bahamas, we are constantly looking to add value to our products and services,”* said Mr. Ward. *“Having First Response on call provides the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that that there will be someone in your corner when you may not be functioning at your best.”* Mr. Ward added that First Response will also facilitate faster claims processing for BFG clients. BFG insured vehicles automatically qualify for First Response service.

Mr. Ward said First Response has engaged in ongoing consultation with the police and ambulance services in New Providence in developing the program. *“While BFG insured clients in New Providence now have the benefit of a private and exclusive assistance program, First Response will coordinate closely with public emergency response services,”* he said.

First Response operates as an independent company under Bahamas First Holdings Limited. It is contracted to provide on location accident assistance service and support and to facilitate a speedier claims process for clients of BFG.