Management Global Information (MGI) will sponsor a 2-day wealth management conference in The Bahamas on May 8 & 9, 2007. The event will be held at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel in downtown Nassau.

François Golberry, Chief Executive Officer of MGI Switzerland, points out that managing and preserving family wealth over time and across borders is the common goal of many wealthy families today. *“They need to design a strategic wealth management policy through the structuring of professional relationships to help achieve the family objectives to preserve and perpetuate family values and wealth. In practice, this means access to multilingual expertise, a large array and a high level of professionalism and capabilities backed by a high degree of personal privacy.”*

The needs of sophisticated wealthy families have evolved over time and are now reflected in the choice of structures offered. They want to maintain control often over a large array of still operational assets while keeping the family together in a tax efficient and evolving structure.

Ideally, and for very sophisticated families, the legal and tax structure is generic by nature and reflects the best practices in strategic wealth management. The Bahamian landscape in this respect offers a safe harbour to source resources from one jurisdiction in the area of legal, tax and estate planning structures on top of asset management and private banking capabilities.

The introduction of the family foundation and of the private trust legislation provides interesting alternatives in a common law jurisdiction seeking to serve civil law families. They not only provide an alternative to trust but also address the weaknesses that pointed out over time from trust disputes sand litigations.

BFSB will host the luncheon on the opening day of the conference, with CEO Wendy C. Warren presenting on *“Key Criteria and Differentiating Factors to Select a Private Wealth Jurisdiction.”*

Other Session Topics include:

* Protecting Family Capital Across Generations

* Inbound/Outbound U.S. Tax Considerations for the International Investor

* International estate and asset preservation planning

* Ensuring a Comprehensive View of Latin American Families Holdings

* Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction

* The Private Trust Companies and Their Use in Family Wealth Management Planning

* Managing Assets to Ensure Capital Protection

Download the attached brochure for full details, including registration fee. The brochure also provides details on discounts available; for example, BFSB members attract a 50% discount registration fee.

Persons wishing to register for this event should contact BFSB.