Opening the Fidelity Financial Centre in Freeport yesterday, Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie said this is a clear indication of the institution’s faith in the future of Grand Bahama’s economy. *“It is important for me to note the opening of Fidelity Financial Centre, and to know that this represents an expression of confidence in the economy of Grand Bahama and, when linked to their facilities in New Providence, confidence in the economy of The Bahamas,”* the Prime Minister said.

Located at Poinciana and East Mall, the Centre combines Fidelity’s retail banking divisions and merchant bank operation in Freeport to allow greater opportunities for customer service and operating efficiencies. Freeport is the second of six such centres planned for The Bahamas.

The Prime Minister commended Fidelity for its developmental role and its re-branding initiatives, paying tribute as well to its leadership for offering one-stop-shop degree of services.

The **Fidelity Group** provides a broad range of services, including retail and private banking, estate planning, pension services, corporate finance, RTA services and insurance services.