**Hon. Alfred Sears, M.P.
Minister of Education**

The Ministry of Education, Science & Technology is inviting applications from suitable candidates for consideration of financial awards being offered through the Financial Community Advanced Technical Education Trust (FCATET), for study commencing September, 2007.

The FCATET was established in 1974 by members of the banking and financial community, and seeks to facilitate access to technical skills training. Awards for technical training are offered across disciplines, including: aviation and maintenance; computer engineering, livestock science, marine engineering, medical technology, and radio and television technology – and any other area of technology acceptable to the Selections Committee.

The financial community collaborated to establish the fund to promote the availability of competent technical resources in a newly independent Bahamas.

The Association of International Banks & Trust Companies in the Bahamas (AIBT) has continued its support of this initiative since inception, in the belief that FCATET helps ensure that Bahamians of upstanding character and good academic skills benefit both themselves and the nation through the acquisition of diverse technical skills.

The awards are presented for study at the College of the Bahamas, or any accredited Technical or Community College or University overseas. It is expected that candidates will seek admission to the technical institution of their choice, and to return to The Bahamas on the satisfactory completion of training. The value of each award depends upon the cost and length of the training courses.

Application forms are available from the Scholarship and Education Loan Division of the Ministry. Application Deadline: Thursday, May 31, 2007.