The new Board of Directors of the Bahamas Financial Services Board has set out its programme of work for the coming year. Elected in September, the current Board will serve a two year term, with Annual Elections scheduled again in 2008.

The following have been identified as the **key areas of focus** for the year ahead:

• Institutional Capacity Building

• Compliance & Corporate Governance

o Independent & External Evaluations of Financial Systems
o International Cooperation on Non-Tax Matters
o International Cooperation on Tax Matters

• Branding to Drive Growth

o Reputation Management
o Building Internal Brand: Domestic Outreach & Internal Buy In
o International Recognition
o Marketing & Communication

• Market Access & Development

o Trade Protocols

• Infrastructure

• Strategy / Business Model

•Manpower: Education & Expertise

• Competitiveness

o Legislation
o Regulatory Reform

• Sector Specific Development Focus

• Cross Fertilisaton of International & Domestic Markets and Market Participants

These programme areas also will drive the establishment of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Working Groups over the coming months, and will provide a basis for the Plenary and Breakout Sessions at the 2007 Bahamas Financial Services Retreat next January.