**Jamie Steinberg
Business Development Manager**

This past week, ***Emagine (Bahamas) Ltd.*** and partner AltiGen Communications hosted a luncheon seminar to introduce to the local market a productivity and customer service tool that enhances the way businesses use their telephone system. Jamie Steinberg, Emagine’s Business Development Manager, says that providing exceptional customer service can add value to any business operation. Properly utilised technology, including something as simple as the telephone system, can provide the tools to best accomplish this.

* “Traditional phone systems merely provide a way to connect two callers, whereas AltiGen is more of a productivity and customer service tool”* says Ms. Steinberg. Seminar participants were told that past technologies were more single purpose and did not interact well or integrate with each other. AltiGen, on the other hand, can integrate phone systems with other IT infrastructure including a firm’s current investments in computers, email, cell phones and client relationship management (CRM) software.

Also presenting at the Seminar was Marcio Carelli, Eastern Region Manager from AltiGen. He further described the business enhancing capabilities with AltiGen, in particular the reduction in costs, improved productivity and the scalability of the system. Attendees were able to see how simple the system is to operate during the live demonstration. IT managers in particular focused on the management of the system in real time from any computer.

One key feature, called AltiView, allows users to easily navigate through voicemail, manage their calls and have access to advanced features such as “Extension Anywhere”. Users have true mobility through allowing calls to be forwarded to their cell phone. *“If you are not in the office, callers upon reaching your voicemail have the option to find you at another location or you can simply route your calls to that location,”* explained Marcio Carelli. Specifically relevant to The Bahamas at this time are the disaster recovery features inherent with the system. For example, there are redundant hard drives that allow nightly backup of the system along with other servers.

Emagine is focused on providing practical information technology solutions to business challenges. Located in downtown Nassau, the firm has been serving local and international clients since 1996.